Silly season, sleep-season, Ser season!

The third term is known for all types of shenanigans, of which ser is one of the main attractions. You’d better start getting your “Ooh’s and Aah’s” ready, because ser season is upon us! Starting on Saturday 29 July 2017, this season promises to, like in the past, be a cracker.

This year’s lineup will be:

Who’s not participating:

According to Kristoff Krige, the chairperson of Kuko, the residences that are not performing this year are Monica, Heemstede, Academia Men and Olympus Men.

Ticket sales:

Krige says that ticket sales have been doing exceptionally well, despite prelims not always selling out. By Friday afternoon, the early show on the 2nd of August was sold out, and the late show on the 5th. He says that their biggest expenses are covered by the ticket money and that funding for ser is minimal.

Why is there no nationals?

Krige says that this year’s National competition has been cancelled after the ATKV had decided to focus on transforming the competition. “After Tuks’ ser had been cancelled, and Kovsies did not participate last year, a national competition would not have made sense.” He says that the ATKV is busy with plans to transform the competition to be more inclusive, with ideas to include combined (male and female) ser groups.

How it’s decided who participates on what night?

“Each team must be supported equally, so we put some strong groups and some smaller groups together on one night”, Krige says. “The reason why the second of August is so strong is because the strongest teams of 2016 go to ‘Ser op die Platteland’ on the first weekend of prelims, so we had to put them later in the week.”

Ser Quick Facts: 

Here are the rules for ser:

The semi finals will take place on 11 & 12 August 2017

The finals will take place 16 August 2017

The judges for ser this year are:

  • Danie du Toit
  • Marlie Katzke
  • Inge Engelbrecht
  • Barend van der Westhuisen
  • Lungile Sacdos
  • Ansa Voges (only semis)
  • Andre van der Merwe (only finals)

The prescribed songs for this year is:

  • Male:  Dexys Midnight Runners=Come on Eileen
  • Female: Ellie Goulding-Still falling for you

– Marsha Leitch and Lida Malherbe

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