24-Hour Emergency services available for Stellenbosch students

Stellenbosch University students now have access to 24-hour medical care.  The Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD) and Campus Health Services, in cooperation with ER24, have come together to provide the service.

The CSDC center where students can seek assistance. PHOTO: TEMBISA MGUZULO

Mumtaj Parker, deputy Director of the CSCD, said the centre has always provided a 24-hour counselling service for students, “…the only thing different now is we paired up with Campus Health for medical services.” The service has now been expanded to the Business School and all other Stellenbosch University campuses.

Parker said it was important for the centre to have a 24-hour medical service for students in case of emergencies like robbery, illness, depression, or anxiety. “Students often have difficulties after hours” explained Parker.

Students need only pay for the service once they are transported to hospital. Those with medical aid will have the transportation fees deducted from their respective medical aid schemes. “If the student can’t pay, they can inform us and we can look at how we can best resolve that,” said Parker.

With regards to students’ awareness of the service, Parker states that they are indeed familiar with it. “The Prims, mentor’s and the SRC are aware of the service, information is also available on the webpages.” Residence heads are also aware of the service.

Kayla Vorster, a mentor at Huis Neethling, said that she has heard of the new emergency services. Although Vorster was not aware of anyone who had used the service so far, she agreed that “it seems to be helping and contributing to safety around campus”.

Despite the initiative being relatively new, feedback from students has been positive so far. “Students who we have followed-up on have not had any complaints so far,” reported Parker.-Tembisa Mguzulo