Beatenberg charm in the park

Matthew Field and Beatenberg made the day and night of the birthday girl, Carli (21), whose surname is unknown, after dedicating two songs to her at Jan Marais park during their Woordfees performance on Wednesday evening.

The Cape Town band began their set with one of their more well-known songs, “Chelsea Blakemore”, before a group of girls went and danced in front of the band.

Lead singer, Matthew Field, said: “I approve of this gathering at the front,” before one of the girls shouted that it was her birthday.

Field asked after the birthday girl’s name and age, and got the responses Carli, and 21. The next two songs, “Naomi”, which Field said was close enough to Carli, and Beauty like a Tightened Bow” were dedicated to Carli.

Beatenberg’s Matthew Field and Ross Dorkin playing in the Jan Marais park. PHOTOGRAPH: TOM STAPYLTON-SMITH


Later in the set Field played a single of his, without the backing of his band members Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink. This solo left Field missing his partners and he said “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.

Before the show the band was introduced as one of South Africa’s most popular bands, and the audience were reminded of their appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Prior to their last song of the evening, Field mentioned that a new album was in the works, although not ready for release as of yet.

Beatenberg is one of many bands playing at Woordfees. Matthew Mole and aKing will be playing later this week. – Tom Stapylton-Smith