First evening of sêr kicks off: Cue jazz hands

This year’s Stellenbosch sêr-season experienced a stellar start on Saturday evening, 29 July.

Eight residences drew enthusiastic applause and jazz hands from an Endler Hall packed to full capacity at the second show of the evening.

Helshoogte went with a steampunk theme for this year’s sêr. PHOTO: Franco Havenga

Helshoogte went with a steampunk theme for this year’s sêr. PHOTO: Franco Havenga

Minerva delivered a standout show, with very few songs that did not end up with the majority of the crowd’s jazz hands in the air. They had very well-put together mashups, excellent soloists and a witty rap. For once the instrumental accompaniment (this time a violin) did not distract from their performance, but complemented it.

PSO (Private Student Organisation) Oude Molen already impressed Stellenbosch with a fun repertoire last year, but this time they pulled on the crowd’s heartstrings with a matching level of musicality. Not only was their storyline adorable and playful (a bachelor party), their songs were appropriately chosen to match and were executed with a unified sound.

Helshoogte arrived on stage and looked as if they had just walked straight out from their shift at Truth Coffee. In full steampunk-themed paraphernalia and with a lot of energy, they definitively earned best-dressed sêr of the evening.

The other residences that participated were Venustia, Helshoogte, Erica, Dagbreek, Academia and Huis ten Bosch.

The sêr-groups kept the crowd entertained with quite a number of emotional ballads and mash-ups along with some quirky Afrikaans songs. A fair few funny skits and powerful messages featured throughout the evening.

Variations of Bohemian Rhapsody, Disney medleys and more than one rendition of All Time Low kept the audience excited for the remainder of the sêr-season. – Andy Kohrs and Franco Havenga