Meet the new owners

Stellies’ beloved coffee shop, DCM, has new owners and they are excited for the new chapter in their life. Grazia and Chris Le Roux moved from Johannesburg with their children after purchasing the popular student coffee shop. Yesterday was the couple’s first day and they are loving every moment of it. new owners, Grazia and Chris, with some of their staff. From the left, Promise Kurumani, Chris le Roux, Grazia le Roux and Memory Chari. PHOTO: Vonani Ngomana


“We are very excited to be in the Cape. We have been looking for something in Stellenbosch because my husband studied chemical engineering here 25 years ago. We have been coming to Stellenbosch once or twice a year since we’ve been married,” said Grazia.

Grazia left her accounting job and Chris left his engineering job to come and live in Stellenbosch and run the coffee shop.

The emotional and excited new owner, Grazia said that she hopes the students continue to support DCM and that “they love us just as we’re going to love them”. She continues: “I’m from an Italian background so I’m an Italian mama and I love to keep all these children under my wings.”

There will be no changes to the coffee shop as yet because the couple is still busy learning the business. Grazia said that she wants the customers to feel happy and wants the coffee shop to feel homely.

Everything including the staff is to remain the same. Grazia stated that “DCM staff are DCM”. Chris also added that he loves the staff. He met them over the weekend and he loves that they know what they are doing. “It’s a pleasure to work with such a motivated bunch of guys and they are teaching me a lot,” he said.

Memory Chari, one of the staff members, said that she is very happy about the new owners and she is looking forward to working with them.

DCM was voted the second most popular coffee shop on our coffee spot survey earlier this year.– Vonani Ngomana