Stellenbosch pizza-off

From a fun night out with friends, a visit from the parents, or date night out, pizza hangout possibilities are endless. The vibrant town of Stellenbosch caters for every need.  But which one is truly the best? MatieMedia’s food team visited four popular pizza places, to investigate which pizza satisfies students’ taste buds and budget for every occasion.

Our criteria:

  • The vibe and service: This  can make or break any dining experience. Is it a place where you can take your parents, or is it more suitable for a gathering with friends?
  • The taste: Obviously. We assessed the toppings, the base and the all-roundy yumminess of each pizza, and gave it a score out of five. Did they use enough cheese, and were there toppings on the entire pizza?
  • The price: For students, it is all about the budget, special offers, and saving money – very important to take into account when choosing your pizza hangout. Is it somewhere you can eat regularly, or is it only somewhere you go at the beginning of the month, when cashflow isn’t a problem?

A pizza from local pub, Bohemia. PHOTO: Paula-Ann Smit

Whether the family’s in town, or you want to catch a sports game with friends, this off campus pizza place has the perfect relaxed atmosphere. At a decent price, there are a variety of pizzas to choose from. Gino’s offers medium to thick base with assorted toppings. The food team tried out the The Tropical, a basic pizza with bacon, feta and avocado toppings. This pizza can be ordered in two sizes – a medium for R56 and a large for R81. As far as taste goes, The Tropical is a satisfactory cheesy pizza to enjoy with no fanciness to take away from the taste of a good quality pizza. 

Trumpet tree
Also based off campus, Trumpet Tree sets the perfect atmosphere for date night. With an open, unique interior and stunning ambience, a relaxed experience is guaranteed. Good service and good pizza is another plus point. Their classic pizza, the Regina for R83, will not disappoint. The base is a good balance between thick and thin, perfect for the all-round pizza lover. Prices are, on average, higher than other restaurants and the combination of toppings are unusual, but it definitely works. Trumpet Tree also offers a build your own, so it truly does cater for every taste.

The Armory
The Armory is the perfect place for a chilled night out with friends, or a first date. Their music isn’t too loud for talking, but it can help eliminate potential awkward silences. It is also family friendly, but a little more upper class. So, take your parents (and their wallets) for a quality night out. Their pizza The Spitfire for R101, with bacon, avocado and feta offers more than the usual of its kind and has a different taste to it. Why is it different? Prices vary and is a bit pricier, but definitely worth it. Their biggest asset? The base. Similar tothat of a flatbread, it is a must for the thin base lovers. Delicious!

Set right in the centre of student activity in Stellenbosch, Bohemia is a convenient and casual  place for students to grab a slice of pizza between classes, or have a pizza-and-wine get-together with friends. With loud music playing constantly, and good drinks specials, they definitely cater mostly for the student community. People usually look at you weirdly when you say that you haven’t eaten a Bohemia Local (bacon, avo, and feta), so we had to try it. For R82 you get a good pizza, big in size with a delicious sauce that other pizzerias do not offer, which is worth a student’s money – as it should be. The base is nothing special, yet the pizza as a whole is delicious, accompanied by a R19 beer. – Paula-Ann Smit, Lida Malherbe, Dylan Jack, Tania Heyns