Pulp expands, adds new coffee brand

Pulp Cinema started receiving a major facelift in the middle of August. This follows after Campus Living moved out of their office inside the cinema and the space became available for rent.

Although the space drew the attention of a few interested parties, Werner de Swart, owner of the cinema, made use of this opportunity to expand Pulp.

Popcorn, snacks and beverages can now be bought in the old Campus Living offices, next to the cinema. Photo: Franco Havenga

For the first time since Pulp opened in 2011, “all the space in this area belongs to the cinema,” says De Swardt.

According to De Swardt, this space was originally part of the old cinema, but it was intentionally kept separate, making it possible to rent for someone else.

“We needed more space for the coffee. It is very popular,” says De Swardt about the change.

“We already had häzz and Terbodore, and there is something about having a choice that works.”

Expanding the coffee business of Pulp also meant that they bought another coffee machine and added another coffee brand, Deluxe, to their offerings.

“We want people to be able to buy a cappuccino, but also choose between the three brands,” De Swardt added.

Pulp now has two machines and a new coffee roaster to better facilitate queues and coffee brand preferences. Photo: Franco Havenga

Students seem to agree with De Swardt’s business plan.

“I know which coffee is better, but I wouldn’t say that I am a coffee snob. I know häzz and Terbodore is quite nice,” says Lizané Botha, an engineering student.

Nadine Jack, also an engineering student, says: “The reason that I buy coffee at Pulp is because I like Terbodore. I don’t want häzz.”

Martin Kruger, a BA Agricultural student, says: “The fact that Pulp is open for coffee later than the other places in the Neelsie is the reason I buy there.”

Popcorn, snacks and beverages have moved to the old office space, next to the stairs of the two cinemas. The old coffee area will become a fully equipped bar.

“Our liquor license covers this whole area, so we will definitely utilise the space a bit more once the bar is up and running,” says De Swardt.

Tawanda Shambira, a barista at Pulp says: “I feel that the bigger space will reduce queues.”

Although the coffee and popcorn areas are fully functioning, the bar will only open once the renovations have been completed.

Pulp is in the process of creating a new space for the new coffee area. Photo: Franco Havenga


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