Serie(iou)s habits of Stellenbosch students

Stellenbosch students are serious about series. In fact, out of 130 students, 98% said that it is one of their favourite pastimes.

What exactly are these series-loving students watching and how much time do they spend on this leisure activity? MatieMedia investigated, and this is what we found:

The campus’ top pick goes to none other than Game of Thrones, with 37% of the student vote. Are you not a fan of this George R.R. Martin fantasy? See if your preference made the campus-favourite top-five list:

Unfortunately, this popular show is on a production break and fans will have to resort to old favourites. The most beloved oldie on re-run? Friends secured the number one spot, with 29% of the vote. How I Met Your Mother came in at a close second, with 24%.

GRAPHIC: Paula-Ann Smit

These choices come as no surprise, as 41% of students said that comedy is their first choice of genre. The prize for most unpopular genres on campus went to animation and romance, which only had 3% of the vote each.

GRAPHIC: Paula-Ann Smit

Students can not seem to get enough of their cherished shows, as 89% said that they binge watch on a regular basis. Most said that they put aside four to five hours a week to practice this art form. Although their eyes are often glued to the screens, 60% of students said that they have never skipped class because of this pastime. The other 40%, however, are not as innocent.

Most students seem to be guilty when it comes to their source of viewing material. A whopping 56% of students said that they stream or download episodes illegally. Those who are in the clear get their shows through DSTV, Netflix or legal streaming.

If you were planning on joining these series-enthusiasts as they watch their treasured episodes, you are out of luck: 73% of students said that they would rather spend this time alone

However, friends of series-fanatics need not worry, as 43% of students said that they would rather meet up with friends, opposed to the 31% who would rather watch series. Studying is last on the list of these viewers’ priorities, with only 4% of the vote. -Paula-Ann Smit

GRAPHIC: Paula-Ann Smit

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