Stellenbosch student stabbed in front of residence

A student was stabbed and injured by an unidentified robber in front of Lydia Ladies Residence in Hofmeyer Street.

The incident happened at about 10pm last night.

“She was near the Lydia entrance when a white BMW without number plates pulled up next to her and a man jumped out and attacked her,” said Paula-Ann Smit, an eye-witness at the scene. “I didn’t even realise she was being stabbed.”

According to a source who did not want to be named, the woman was “stabbed above the chest by a man that jumped from the passing bakkie to grab her laptop”.  “She is being treated at hospital and is badly shaken, but she is in a stable condition. Her mother is on her way and she is being supported by Lydia house committee members and her boyfriend.”

A statement released by SU Spokesperson Martin Viljoen said: “The unidentified man was unsuccessful in stealing her cellphone and laptop and escaped after stabbing her.” 

The SRC has released a Facebook statement requesting students to be vigilant and make use of Campus Security’s escort services.

At the time of the assault the Student Representative Council (SRC) had not yet appointed a person responsible for Safety and Security. Applications for this position only close on 6 April 2017.

A Lydia resident’s message was circulated to students stating that a SRC member would be at the residence at 8am on 5 April to offer insight on the issue. When students arrived for the hearing there was a no-show from the SRC.

Members of the SRC were present at the hospital, according to the university statement.

Lydia Ladies Residence the most recent residence to have witnessed an attack. PHOTO: YOLANDI AUGUSTYN

Lydia Ladies Residence the most recent residence to have witnessed an attack. PHOTO: YOLANDI AUGUSTYN

The student was released from hospital early this morning after her injuries had been treated. Lydia House Committee members are offering their time for shaken residents to voice their concerns over a cup of tea.

“The safety of students and staff is and remains a priority for the Stellenbosch University Management and Campus Security’s Mobile Reaction Unit will now adapt their current strategies in line with the events of last night,” stated the University statement.– Andeline Wieland

Counselling to students is available via the Crisis Service at 082 557 0880.  Campus Security’s emergency number is 021 808 2333. The Maties ER24-number is 010 205 3032.