Stellenbosch students spend thousands on coffee

If the long queues in the Neelsie are any indication, Stellenbosch students can’t seem to get through their day without a cup of coffee.

To find out just how significant student spending on coffee is, MatieMedia asked students about their coffee habits on campus. This is what we found:

Out of 100 students, only 18 do not drink coffee. The remaining 82 coffee enthusiasts drink an average of six cups per week. At about R12,50 per cup, students can end up spending up to R75 a week on their favourite hot beverage. That comes to a total of R300 a month. Averaged over a ten-month academic year, this amounts to R3 000 a year,  and R9 000 for a three-year degree.

Popular Stellenbosch student coffee spots.

Popular Stellenbosch student coffee spots. BY: PAULA-ANN SMIT

What is the favourite spot on campus for this caffeine fix? My Brew gained the top spot, with 42% of the student vote. DCM achieved a close second with 36%, followed by 17% for Häzz and 5% for Tamaties. These statistics give some indication to where the empty paper cups, that fill bins on campus to the brim, are from.

Furthermore, our study found that most students drink coffee for energy. Their consumption also tends to increase during exams. Others said that they simply like the taste, or see it as something to enjoy with friends.

Students who choose not to drink coffee, say it is either too expensive or that they dislike the taste. Many also avoid caffeine due to health reasons.

Why do Stellenbosch students drink coffee? BY: PAULA-ANN SMIT

Why do Stellenbosch students drink coffee? BY: PAULA-ANN SMIT

According to a nutrition expert for United Healthcare, Kathleen M. Zelman, caffeine is relatively safe to drink. Two to three cups of coffee per week, far less than the average amount on campus, can reduce the risk of liver disease and diabetes. However, an excessive amount may cause a variety of stomach reactions and headaches.  

The health website, WebMD, states that it takes a person’s body about five to six hours to eliminate only half of the caffeine in one cup of coffee. For the average amount of coffee consumed per person on Stellenbosch campus, that comes to a total of 2880 hours per year. – Paula-Ann Smit

Stellenbosch students’ coffee consumption.

Stellenbosch students’ coffee consumption. BY: PAULA-ANN SMIT