Third night of sêr prelims: 4 August

The third evening of sêr performances saw the Endler hall filled to its brim yet again after music lovers queued down the street to support their favourite groups.

The evening showcased a number of diverse groups with creative themes and outfits.

The groups that performed were Irene, Pieke, Harmonie, Simonsberg, Isa, Wilgenhof and Aristea. Here are a few pictures and videos of the evening:

Irene. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

Irene had an exciting repertoire filled with popular songs. These included classics such as Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago, Bang Bang as well as Imagine Dragons’s single Believer.  

Pieke. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

The gentlemen of campus, Pieke, dressed in red checked shirts, bowties and red sneakers to match delivered an endearing and lively performance and clever choreography that left no room to be bored.

Harmonie. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

Harmonie surprised the audience with a combination of complex arrangements, exceptionally strong soloists and a lot of confidence. The crowd seemed genuinely sad for them to leave.

Simonsberg. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

Simonsberg was welcomed to stage with roars of approval. Their performance was sincere and funny and the crowd could not help but giggle throughout.

Isa. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

Isa took a more theatrical approach with costumes that looked as if they were borrowed from the set of American Horror Story: Asylum. Their songs were suitably chosen to match the eery yet entertaining theme.

Wilgenhof. PHOTO: Andrea Kohrs

The Kraaie marched onto stage with interesting outfits: camouflage pants and black blazers. As usual, they delivered a well put together show with great soloists and well-chosen songs. Their performance of Nearer My God To Thee was a pleasant surprise.

Aristea. PHOTO: Andy Kohrs

Aristea pranced onto the stage in different coloured doll outfits. Their performance consisted of clever mashups, meaningful choreography and more than one heartfelt solo. – Andrea Kohrs

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