Students protest at UWC because of financial aid problems

Classes at UWC were disrupted on Thursday when students shut down the university because of financial grants not being paid out.

The SRC wanted the university to shut down as financial aid to first-year students and first-time applicants has not been paid out. Students will apparently only get their payments in the second semester. This means some students have not been registered yet because they do not have money.

Students disrupt a finance lecture at UWC. PHOTO: Facebook

Students claim their financial aid applications were not sent to the financial aid processing office of the university on time.

A student who did not want to be named said classes were disrupted all day on Thursday. Students were forced out of lectures during class times. Around 11:00 they were also forced to leave the library. The library has been closed since.

Private security guards and police were present on campus but did not stop the students from protesting. Many students are scared to attend lectures. Mass meetings were held on Wednesday and Thursday on the matter of fees.

Students received an email from executive management on Thursday where management said that issues are being addressed directly with the relevant student bodies, under the SRC’s leadership. Management condemned the acts of intimidation and disruptions of university business.

All students had to evacuate the library after protesting students entered the building. PHOTO: Facebook

The university management said it was concerned about disruptive developments on campus as they impact on the registration and financial clearance process, which ends 31 March 2017.

Management is in consultation with student leaders about their concerns and appeal for their leadership in ensuring that there are no further disruptions. – Marsha Leitch